New 311 app used to report potholes, city issues

HOUSTON - Getting a pothole fixed in Houston is now just a click away through an app on your smartphone.

Potholes are considered a big problem in Houston that can do a number on drivers' vehicles. The city has released a new 311 app that people can use to report those issues.

To use the service, simply download the 311 app on your smartphone, snap a picture of the issue and click 'submit.'

Issues like leaking fire hydrants, water line breaks, broken traffic signals and downed power lines can also be reported on the 311 app. The app is expected to help city departments identify problem areas and fix them faster.

"The response and the wait time for the phone, for me and my constituents, that's one of the critical issues," Houston City Council Member Jerry Davis said. "But with the app, you can report and you can see it pop up on the screen."

The city warned that there are some kinks in the app that still need to be worked out over the next few weeks.

Some drivers think the new app will help residents communicate better with different city departments.

"Main Street is really bad at OST," driver Ben Mayo said. "There are large amounts of holes. I hope they fix that area up soon."

The app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

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