Neighbors want burned home torn down

Neighbor's home received damage from fire

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY - Neighbors in one north Harris County neighborhood want something done about a home they say burned more than a year ago.

Neighbors said the home at 1302 American Fork Court burned last year. Its roof was gone, the chimney barely stood. 

Neighbors said a couple of weeks ago part of the house collapsed; and, now they want the home torn down before it falls down on someone.

"Nothing's quite been done to the house, but it's falling apart more and we've had glass and stuff out," said neighbor Parvia Bell. "I'd like the house to be gone because it's an eyesore, and I'd like all of the trash to be picked up."

Bell said she, nor her insurance company, know who owned the property. She would like to be paid for her windows she said were broken during the fire.

The Harris County Appraisal District showed the home and land were worth $114,000 on January 1. Local 2 left a message for the listed owners. No one called back. 

Neighbors said they contacted the Harris County Health Department. Officials said they gave the owner two notices and nothing happened. The health department said the county will now tear down the home.

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