Neighbors say trash, debris left at construction site

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - Some neighbors who live in the Sunset Heights neighborhood of Houston near the 610 North Loop and Main Street say a couple of construction projects have caused major issues for them.

Sharon Pendley lives near East 26th Street and says developer Square Stone Homes is leaving a mess in her neighborhood.

"There's no dumpsters here. He has the sidewalk blocked, you can't walk on the sidewalk. We have elderly people and young families with kids, they have to walk on the street. Hopefully you won't get run over," Pendley said.

We took some pictures of the trash and construction equipment along the sidewalk area and city of Houston officials say it appears to be a work hazard and blocking public access. We tried reaching the developer but our calls were never returned.

One neighbor who didn't want to be identified said, "It's just very difficult to maneuver down the street -- cars parked in front of my driveway and in front of my gate. They park on the street here double across and can't get by and if an emergency vehicle needed to get down the street, there's no hope in that."

A spokesperson for the city says it's either the homeowner or developers responsibility to maintain public access like sidewalks. If it's not maintained, neighbors are encouraged to call 311 and a code inspector will come check out the situation. Violations may be issued if the situation isn't resolved.

As for the situation on East 26th Street, city officials are aware and say a code inspector will be out to inspect the work site.

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