Neighbors describe man killed in police shootout as quiet, nice

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter, Nakia Cooper - Senior Web Editor

HOUSTON - One person was killed Wednesday in an officer-involved shooting in southeast Houston, according to Houston police.

Neighbors are still in shock after a man who they knew as a quiet animal lover led police on a 26-mile chase that ended in a shootout.

"At least 50 shots, all kinds of guns," said Ruben Aguirre.

"Get on the floor, and we heard all kind of cops coming this way, we were scared, we didn't want to get shot," said Rosie Gonzales.

Police say it started in Liverpool after the man made a threat towards someone with a gun. That person managed to flag down a police officer.

While the person was reporting the incident, the suspect drove by. The officer attempted to stop the suspect, who refused, and a chase began.

The suspect led officers up Highway 35 and then onto the Beltway, shooting at the officers who were chasing him.

The driver got off the Beltway and drove into this neighborhood off Kirkmeadow and Beamer and pulled into a driveway where neighbors says he lives.

"He gets out of his vehicle, he is armed with a shotgun, and points it at the officer, the Pearland PD officer was in fear of his life and discharged his weapon. The suspect returns fire, as the gunfire continues, the suspect reaches back in his vehicle, places the shotgun down and gets out a handgun, and also discharges that at officers," said HPD spokesperson Jodi Silva.

Officers fired back, killing him.

Sky 2 aerials showed a body on the ground in the front of a home. A shot gun and a semi-automatic pistol could also be seen in front of the garage door. A Pearland police car with a shattered window was also seen.

Neighbors say the suspect was quiet and appeared to be nice.  They say he took care of a disabled man who lives next door to him and also fostered dogs.

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