Neighborhoods clean up before more bad weather

HOUSTON - People in northwest Houston spent Thursday night cleaning up the neighborhood after afternoon storms took down a big tree that fell on a home.  

The tree damaged the roof and smashed the carport on Cole Creek Drive, which fell on top of two cars.  The owner said the home is not insured.

"A lot of wind.  A lot of rain. Got really bad," said neighbor Donald Hansard. "I saw just a wall of water coming from the south toward us. I took off back into the house and within a couple of minutes, I heard that big boom. Evidentially it was that tree breaking."

The winds also took down at least seven trees in a parking lot on Highway 290 and Hollister in northwest Houston. That included a tree that fell on a woman's car. She and her kids were inside a Target store when they saw the rain fall and shopping baskets flying.  

"All of a sudden, I came outside to get the car to get the kids and the tree is on top of my car," shopper Erin Means said.

The storm was strong enough to take down a brick wall at the Forrest Lake townhomes on Tidwell at Bingle.

No injuries were reported.

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