Neighborhood evacuation lifted after tanker truck accident in NE Houston

HOUSTON - A neighborhood evacuation has been lifted after a tanker trucker accident forced families in northeast Houston to stay away due to hazardous chemicals.

The wreck happened in a neighborhood on Roland near the Eastex Freeway in northeast Houston. It appears that truck took the corner too sharply and ended up in the ditch.

Hazmat crews on scene say the chemical is Dialkylamine, the truck was carrying 44,700 pounds of it and about 15-20 gallons spilled out onto the ground.

The chemical can be toxic if inhaled that's why crews evacuated nearby homes.

"No food, nothing.  I couldn't get no diapers or anything," said Angela Mallett. Msallett, the mom of two, was evacuated with her kids ages one and a half and six.  She said she got a knock on the door and was told to leave quickly.

"I don't know what kind of liquid it is," said Cristal Escobar. "I don't know if it's dangerous or not.  I'm concerned for the safety of me and my daughter."

The driver of the truck failed to make a turn and the truck slipped into the ditch.  Houston police say he will be ticked for failing to keep the vehicle in a single lane. 

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