Natural procedure corrects pelvic prolapse with fewer risks

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

HOUSTON - It's a common condition many women suffer from, but too many do so in silence. Now, Houston doctors are offering a new option that promises to correct the problem with fewer risks.

For more than a year, Carol Bobryki, 71, was experiencing frequent urination and discomfort.

She told Local 2, "It was something that was very uncomfortable to deal with. I just came to the conclusion that it's not going to get better. It's only going to get worse. It's progressively getting worse and I just want it taken care of."

She was diagnosed with pelvic prolapse which happens when the pelvic organs including the uterus, rectum and in Carol's case, the bladder, drop from their normal position in the body.

Kelsey-Seybold Clinic urologist Dr. Benjamin Dillon told Local 2, "It is a sensitive issue and a lot of women don't like talking about it."

He said symptoms include heaviness or pressure in the lower abdomen, chronic constipation, incontinence, even pain with intercourse.

Dr. Dillon added, "It is unfortunately part of an aging process as a woman gets older, but this is not normal and a woman should not have to live this way unless she wants to."

Carol said, "I wanted to be back to normal again."

Surgical mesh is often used to hold the organs back in place. But in recent years, the FDA has issued warnings after hundreds of women filed complaints due to complications.

Dr. Dillon does not use mesh, instead using the patient's natural tissues and muscles to repair the prolapse.

Dr. Dillon explained, "Although there is roughly a 30 percent chance of lifetime recurrence, the complications from a natural tissue repair are mild in comparison with the use of mesh which can be debilitating or long standing in women."

Patients feel little to no pain the next day and are released to full activity within four to six weeks.

Carol urges other women to seek help and reclaim their lives.

She said, "I'd say go see your urologist. Go take care of it because you're going to feel like a different person. It's going to make you feel so much better."

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