Suspect in police chase stops to apply for job, officers say

By CNN, Lea Wilson - Digital News Editor

BOSTON - A suspect in a police chase in Massachusetts took an unexpected detour, police said.

According to officers, the man walked into an electronics business with an odd request: a job application.

"Cool as a cucumber, no sweaty hands, clean shirt," general manager Jeff Moran said. “(It was a) very interesting job interview, to say the least."

On surveillance video inside the store, the suspect seemed to be carefree, with his arms resting casually on the front desk. The "job applicant" raised no red flags when he asked if Osprey Wireless was hiring.

The video showed Moran lead the man into his office, where the potential hire picked up a pen and filled out the application.

The interview seemed to be going well, if it weren't for the search going on outside following a police chase.

The applicant is accused of running over a trooper's foot last Thursday during a traffic stop.

"So I said, 'Boy, there goes a police dog by the window.' He goes, 'Let me see,'" Moran said.

"I just got a bad feeling, just something didn't feel right," sales manager Brian Carpenter said.

Carpenter approached state police, who said they were searching 26-year-old Jose Jimenez's ditched car and seizing wads of cash.

"I described to him what he looked like," Carpenter said. "Then he showed me a picture and I said, 'Yeah, that looks like him.'"

Eight minutes into the interview, police entered Moran's office.

"They grab him and he starts to tussle with him, and the other two come in, guns in hand, and they said to him, 'You didn't think that we weren't gonna find you, did ya,'" Moran said.

Jimenez was escorted outside in handcuffs. Meanwhile, inside the store, Moran said he and Carpenter celebrated with a high-five.

Jimenez was taken into custody without incident.

"We're very fortunate that that's how it ended, for us anyway. Not for him, but for us," Moran said.

Jimenez faces several charges.

Lea Wilson with contributed to the content of the this story.

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