Man raped in jail gets billed for care

KANSAS CITY - A former Missouri inmate said he was raped in jail, then received the bill for his injuries.

He is breaking his silence. The victim, who asked to conceal his identify and be referred as “Matthew,” said the attack happened in a dark communal bathroom.

Matthew was billed more than $900 for the ambulance ride from the Jackson County Detention Center to Truman Medical Center.

He said in the attack, he was slammed against a wall and raped, and several teeth were broken. Once he arrived at the hospital, medical staff performed a rape kit. Matthew said he needed more than 10 stitches.

After spending a short time in the hospital, he was sent back to jail to finish his sentence for marijuana related probation violation, he said. Later he was sent a bill.

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a joke. I mean for them to call an ambulance for me and then send me a bill after this happens,” Matthew said. “I have never felt this way in my life, as far as not feeling like a man.”

The Jackson County Detention Center said they are investigating. Inmates get free medical care, but if they have to leave and go to the hospital, they have to pay for it themselves, according to Jackson County jail.

They also suggested that Matthew apply for victim compensation funds from the state.


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