Lost toddler wanders into gas station

DETROIT - Police have reunited a woman with her toddler who wandered away from home.

The surveillance video shows the little boy walking alone just before 4:30 a.m. Thursday.

The 3-year-old was walking outside in the cold wearing his pajamas with no shoes -- trying to get into a gas station.

"He said he wanted help," the gas station clerk said.

The clerk working at the CITGO said the little boy told him he didn't know where his mom was and that he was cold.

A customer had brought him a blanket.

The clerk said the boy asked for candy, but the clerk gave him a snack and called police for help finding his mother.

Police said she was in a parking lot in a car talking to a friend. The mother told police her son was supposed to be in the apartment building sleeping, but he woke up and realized his mom wasn't there.

Police said that’s when the toddler decided to go look for her.

"He kept saying he was looking for his mother," the clerk said.

The officers who responded had just put the little boy in their squad car to see if he could help them find his home when his mom showed up.

"And his mother ended up running up to the gas station and he was like 'that's my mother, right there,'" Officer Tinisha Alexander said.

Police said he didn't wander far as his apartment is right next-door to the gas station.

Police said they questioned mom, who said she was feet away when he wandered out.

Police returned her little boy to her.

While it is not uncommon for children to manage to wander at night, Child Protective Services will follow up.

"Child Protective Services, they take our initial report and they do an investigation. They may send someone to the home," Officer Derrick Metcalf said.

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