Group coming up from Oregon manhole caught on camera

It happened right outside a hardware store

By Audrey Weil

A security camera outside a northwest Portland, Oregon, business caught three people climbing out of a sewer Thursday night, KPTV reported.

It happened right outside of Chown Hardware on Northwest Front Avenue.

It all started when Kris Lake, door shop manager, saw a shoe outside their shop and wanted to know where it came from, so he checked the surveillance video.

“It was insane,” Lake said.

What he saw was the manhole cover start to move and then pop up. Three people made their way up and out.

“Like a clown car (they) just (piled) on out,” he said.

They dusted off their clothes, and at one point one of them rolled around on the ground and then changed his pants.

“The first thing I thought is that’s disgusting,” Lake said. “And then when I saw the shoes get thrown and them splat with liquid, yeah that’s when I decided this is really gross.”

Not only gross, but also unlawful and unsafe.

“If one of them had tripped, fell in the water, drowned, how would anybody know anyone was in there,” Lake said. “They acted like it wasn’t their first time.”

In fact, later Friday night, when he looked back through even more surveillance video, he found that just after midnight on June 2, five people climbed out of the same sewer.


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