Gas prices hit 11-year low ahead of Fourth of July weekend

Monday's average $2.31 per gallon

Ferre Dollar/CNN

(LAKANA) - Gas prices are averaging the lowest price ahead of the Fourth of July weekend since the same time in 2005.

According to AAA, Monday's average price of $2.31 per gallon is 3 cents down per gallon for the week, and 3 cents cheaper for the month. Gas prices have fallen for 16 days straight.

Prices are averaging 47 cents less than last year at the same date.

AAA predicts the driving season this summer will create a record demand for gasoline and miles traveled.

States with the most expensive average gas prices per gallon:

  1. California: $2.90
  2. Hawaii: $2.79
  3. Alaska: $2.66
  4. Washington: $2.65
  5. Nevada: $2.55
  6. District of Columbia: $2.55
  7. Oregon: $2.53
  8. Idaho: $2.48
  9. Illinois: $2.48
  10. Michigan: $2.46

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