A hospital closed since last year received coronavirus relief funds

Tennessee's Jamestown Regional Medical Center has been shut down since June of 2019, but somehow received more than $120,000 in emergency coronavirus funding

The Department of Health and Human Services says it will "force repayment" of more than $120,000 in coronavirus relief funds paid out to Tennessee's Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

The hospital has been closed since last June.

Its owner, Rennova, owes millions in unpaid federal taxes, but received $121,722 for the closed Jamestown facility.

In a statement Tuesday, Congressman Tim Burchett said he would seek an explanation from HHS on how Jamestown got relief funding.

"There has clearly been a mistake if an out-of-business hospital that's millions behind on federal taxes and hasn't paid its former employees was able to receive federal COVID-19 assistance. It's a shame this could happen," he said.

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