Man reportedly coughs on grocery store worker, blames COVID-19 on minorities


A man was arrested in Moorhead Wednesday after allegedly coughing on a grocery store worker at a Cash Wise Foods, according to police reports.

The incident happened along 34th Street around 2 p.m., according to CBS affiliate KVLY-TV. A man was reported to have coughed on an employee before blaming the COVID-19 virus on “other races.”

KVLY reports the man was taken into custody and was already set to be charged with disorderly conduct, but during his transportation to jail, he began threatening the life of an officer, and so now he also faces potential charges of making terroristic threats.

The man has yet to be identified. Reports say the man has refused to give police his name, and they’re still working on determining his actual identity.

Deric Swenson with the Moorhead Police Department told KVLY he fears that there will be more incidents of this nature as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads.