Couple naturally conceives two sets of triplets

According to health experts, the odds of conceiving triplets naturally is one in 9,000 and the odds of it happening twice is one in 64 million.

After Tyana Stanton and Jarrell Covington received the news they were expecting their first set of triplets, they had mixed emotions.

Like many parents, father Jarrel was both excited and nervous.

“I was really scared. I was like ‘how did this happen?’” mother Tyana said.

The mother revealed multiples do run in her family, explaining she’s a twin and has twin brothers.

The couple welcomed their triplets in October 2018.

“Got on birth control right after the triplets cause I’m like ‘OK we’re not doing this again no time soon,’” the mother said

Not even six months later Tyana, found out she was pregnant with triplets again.

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