Stalker uses drone to follow woman home from work

On Tuesday, Mary Dunham was driving home from work in Gorham, Maine when something caught her eye.

"I'm looking at the tree line and I see a really bright star and I was like wow that's really early for a star to be out," Dunham says.

Dunham quickly realized what she thought was a star was coming her way.

"Oh no, I think it's a drone and it's following me."

Dunham says the drone kept following her as she drove down the road took. When she got to a stop sign and took a right, she says the drone took one too.

"I realized I didn't want to drive home. I don't feel safe this thing is purposely following me now," she says.

Dunham drove to a nearby gas station, waited in her car and called police.

"When the officer arrived he did, in fact, observe the drone flying overhead. The drone started at that point to actually start following the officer" says Gorham Deputy Chief Michael Nault.

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