10-month-old baby pulled out from home air ducts

Rare silence in a home with children can be relieving or alarming in some cases.

An Oregon mom was doing the dishes when she realized she hadn’t heard any noise from her kids for two minutes. Parents know the drill.

“I was getting ready to go check on the boys,” mother Saydie Reedy said. “My oldest came running to me calmly saying ‘baby in.’ He has apraxia, which is a speech disorder, and doesn’t communicate well.”

Reedy started looking for her 10-month-old son Kolson.

“I searched the whole house for baby brother and noticed the vent gate was pulled up,” Reedy said. The family is in the process of renovating a 1920′s home with heating vents in the floor.

She suspected her 3-year-old son Jackson pulled the vent gate up. "I couldn’t hear him in there, but he was no where else to be found so I quickly called 911 panicking," Reedy said.

Police and firefighters from Coburg, Oregon arrived on scene within minutes. They found Kolson eight feet down the vent in the duct work of the house.

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