'I'm just gonna shoot him if things go sideways,' cop tells college student during traffic stop

RENO - Two University of Nevada, Reno police officers are being investigated after "inappropriate comments were made to a University graduate student by the officers" during a traffic stop early Sunday morning, according to UNR Police.

The university released the video Wednesday afternoon, saying the events and comments were captured on a body camera. The video shows officers interacting with a group, which included a graduate student.

At the 4:20 mark of the video, one of the officers says, "Holy (expletive), I'm glad you're not fighting, you're too big," apparently referring to a black graduate student, who starts laughing.

"I was like, I'm just gonna shoot him if things go sideways," an officer seems to say. The student appears to stop laughing after this comment.

The student reported the incident, according to the statement from the university.

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