NASA: Plan for Dec. 22

HOUSTON - NASA hopes a new video will help ease tensions about the Mayan end-of-the-world prediction for Dec. 21, 2012.

NASA scientists said they're so confident the world won't end on Dec. 21 that they've created the new video for the day after. NASA officials said there's been a misconception from the very beginning, and the video debunks predictions that earth will be shattered by an asteroid or incinerated by a flare from the sun.

Talk of the end of the world has sparked interest among Houstonians. Many flocked to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to take a look at the Mayan exhibit.

"It's a myth," said David Cervantes, who came to the museum. "The world isn't going to end. It's just the end of time of the Mayan calendar."

Predictions for the 2012 apocalypse are based off stone inscriptions found in ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico. Many scholars said Mayans believed not in endings, but constant renewal. And Dec. 21 simply marks the end of one calendar and the beginning of another.

The museum, too, is also confident the world will continue on after Dec. 21. They plan to show a movie about the end of the world on the day after.

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