Nail salon's Twitter tirade offends customers

Derogatory tweet written about customer

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

MISSOURI CITY, Texas - A trip to a Missouri City nail salon ended with some ugly comments on social media and accusations of racism.

The target of the Twitter tirade called KPRC Local 2 consumer expert Amy Davis.

Shante Harvey said all she wanted was a $10 manicure, nothing fancy or expensive. She initially thought that was why employees at Spectrum Salon on Highway 6 didn't want to help her.

Harvey said she walked out of the salon after watching employees assist two other customers who came in after her while she waited. She said she tried to call the manager when she left, but when she couldn't reach anyone, Harvey went online to voice her complaint on Twitter.

"I just wanted everyone to know basically, everyone to know about their bad customer service," Harvey explained.

Harvey tweeted "I finally went to @Spectrum_Salon because I've heard so many great things about them BUT I will never go back they are RUDE and they (sic) lied to me."

Talia Luu, who is linked to the salon's Twitter page then tweeted, "Some mi deng girl made a post saying we have bad customer service. And will never come back. Okay great!! We don't need cheap mi deng people. That (expletive) wanted a $10 manicure."

We should note Spectrum Salon does offer basic manicures for $10, according to its printed salon menu.

"I was so disappointed that it would have to result to that level," said Harvey.

Harvey looked up the words "mi deng" and discovered it means a black or African American person in Vietnamese. Local 2 has confirmed the definition with Vietnamese speakers.

The tweets, posted by the salon owner's daughter, were later deleted, but we showed owner Chi Hoang screen grabs Harvey had already saved earlier.

"Is that your daughter?" Davis asked Hoang, showing her the Twitter page and her daughter's profile picture.

"Yes. That's her," Hoang replied.

"So, Talia posted 'Cheap people. smh. Take yourself to Walmart Nails,'" Davis read. "Is that appropriate?"

"That's my daughter, but I don't know why she did that," said Hoang.

Hoang said her daughter doesn't work at the salon, but she will be talking with her about the Tweets.

"I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry for everybody there. I'm not racist at all," said Hoang.

We should note there were several black customers in the salon getting their nails done when Local 2 stopped by Wednesday.

Talia Luu emailed Local 2 consumer expert Amy Davis the day after the story aired with the following statement:

"I want to apologize for my inappropriate comments made on Twitter. They do not, in any way, reflect the views of Spectrum Salon. I made them out of frustration because the many great things heard about the salon are true. Nail Spectrum Salon services all people at the store and would never intentionally disrespect anyone. I am truly sorry."

The following statement is from her mother and owner of Spectrum Salon, Chi Hoang:

"I want to personally apologize to Ms. Shante Harvey. Those serviced before her were appointments scheduled in advance. We should have let Ms. Harvey know that at the time of her visit to the salon. I have discussed this incident with my daughter and hope she understands that her actions have consequences. Again, we at Nail Spectrum Salon are so sorry for this and hope Ms. Harvey can let us make it up to her in the future."

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