Multiple wills further complicating affairs of Michael Brown's estate

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - A former Houston hand surgeon's death appears to be as complicated as his life. A Federal Bankruptcy case has uncovered that Dr. Michael Brown had four wills.

"It's ironic because drama has now followed him to the grave. This is pure, unadulterated Michael Brown. God Bless him," said Brian Wice, Local 2 Legal Analyst.

During a federal bankruptcy hearing Thursday, teams of lawyers assembled to begin to make sense of Brown's legal affairs. It is unclear, at this point, which of the four documents will hold the most weight.

According to court proceedings, Brown's former wife, Rachel, is the executor of a 2009 will. A friend of Brown's, Ray Van Proctor, is the executor of another will penned in 2012. Two more wills attached to either one or two Florida women carry July 2013 dates.

The public proceeding Thursday also introduced the existence of yet another Michael Brown property in New York, along with some of its contents.

An appraiser believes 19 pieces of art in the Central Park South apartment are worth a total of $28,700. The most valuable piece, a nude signed by Marc Chagall, is worth $15,000, according to appraiser, R. Alexander Boyle.

See the full appraisal report here.

It became abundantly clear in Thursday morning's federal court hearing that Brown's large estate, his multiple wills, and his bankruptcy have come to a complicated crossroads.

It appears, from court proceedings, Brown's bankruptcy case will most likely be converted to Chapter 7 from Chapter 11, allowing for immediate liquidation of his assets to settle his debts.
Michael Brown died in a Florida hospital on November 8, following a suicide attempt.

The next bankruptcy hearing in Houston is scheduled for December 4.

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