Mothers want new murder charges filed against 'Angel of Death'

By Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - The mother of two babies killed in the 1980's wants new murder charges filed against a woman known as the Angel of Death.

Genene Jones is suspected of killing more than 40 babies when she was a nurse in central Texas. But because so much evidence was destroyed during the initial investigation, Jones was only convicted of killing one child, Chelsea McClellan, in 1985.

"All these kids deserve a voice and they all deserve, their families deserve, justice," said Petti McLellan-Wiese, mother of Chelsea.

Mclellan-Wiese, Houston's victim's rights advocate, Andy Kahan and another mother whose child was killed, Marina Rodriguez, met this week with the Bexar County district attorney, who has agreed to re-open all the old cases against Jones.

"They are devoting a vast amount of manpower, resources," said Kahan.

Jones was sentenced under an old Texas law meant to alleviate prison overcrowding and is scheduled to be released from prison after serving barely a third of her sentence. That is unless she can be prosecuted in another child's death.

"My mission is for all the San Antonio moms who didn't get heard 30 years ago to get heard and keep that monster in prison where she needs to be," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez' 6-month-old son died in 1982 and she says she is willing to have her child's body exhumed if it will help with the investigation.

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