Mother welcomes baby born on 12/12/12 at 12:12 p.m.

HOUSTON - On a day this unique, some expectant mothers might try to induce labor to give their child a memorable birth date but not Delina Gonzales.

"I did not know at all," Gonzales said from her maternity room at Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital. "I expected to be due on the 15th and it's my first baby, so I thought it would be around that time."

But little Mayilah Washington-Gonzales had other ideas, coming into this world on 12/12/12 at exactly 12:12 pm.

"It was a surprise," Gonzales said. "I'm glad (she) came before Christmas."

Meanwhile, up in Humble, another 12/12 celebration.

Harry "Cliff" Barthow was enjoying his 91st birthday with family and friends at a Walmart where he works as a greeter.

"My emotions are taking over," Barthow said as his eyes began welling up. "That's what the tears are - my joy flowing over."

Sitting with his granddaughter and his 65-year-old son, Barthow recalled a few memories from his youth.

"I remember when I was a kid," Barthow said between bites of birthday cake. "We used to get (my car) out by the lake and we'd run around with a Model T Ford. That was a new car at that time."

He also took time to reflect on his unique birthday. "It's incredible," Barthow said. "I'm impressed with that 12/12/12 myself."

It's also impressive that Harry still has an older brother, with wedding plans.

"My older brother is 92," Barthow said with a smile. "And he's gonna marry his sweetheart on January 16 and I plan to make it to his wedding. (She's) a young girl about 85-years-old and we've been telling him about robbing the cradle."

In the cradle back at Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital, little Maliyah slept, as her mom will one day tell her all about 12/12/12.

"My favorite number used to be 2," Delia Gonzales said. "I guess now it's going to be 12."

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