Mother thanks heroes who saved choking baby

MINNEAPOLIS - A nurse and a Minnesota State Patrol lieutenant sprang into action and helped save a choking baby on the side of an interstate highway.

"I was driving on 394 and I had heard her choking on her vomit," Kristin Lonsbury said.

On Sept. 14, Lonsbury said she was driving her 6-week-old daughter, Elise, to the hospital because she wasn't acting right.

"I then heard silence so I was like, I need to pull over," Lonsbury said. 

She said she pulled over on the only grassy patch of a curbside.

"She was going in and out of consciousness. I went over my passenger seat and pulled her out and her little arms just dropped to her sides and she was not there," Lonsbury said.

Immediately, she called 911.

"I couldn't do what they were asking me to do. I couldn't grasp the concept 'oh, I have to start CPR' I couldn't get there mentally," Lonsbury said. "I was on the side of the road in the weeds, shaking her, yelling at her to wake up." 

But help was about to arrive.

According to KARE 11, a nurse, Virginia Marsh, was on her way to work when she noticed Lonsbury and pulled over to assist. A Minnesota State Patrol lieutenant had also stopped to help, accoding to NBC affiliate.

Acording to KARE 11, Elise was hospitalized for several days, but now is in stable condition  

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