Mother, daughter robbed while shopping in Baytown

Man with knife approaches mom, daughter in San Jacinto Mall parking lot

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

BAYTOWN, Texas - A mother and daughter out for an afternoon of shopping at the San Jacinto Mall in the 6900 block of Garth Road were robbed in the parking lot.

"It was scary, I mean you can't do anything, everything was so fast," said Maria, whose last name is not being used because the suspect hasn't been caught. "He said, 'Give me all your bags, your wallets, your keys.'"

The man showed them a knife and told them he also had a gun. He spoke to Maria's mom in Spanish and told her to hand over all of her items as well.

The women did what the robber said and he left without hurting them.

"As he was leaving he said he was doing this because he had kids," Maria said.

Police said the robber is a Hispanic man in his 20s. He was driving a white Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck.

Maria and her mom are hoping the man is caught soon before someone else is forced to go through what they did. The women said they are still shaken up. The robbery happened in the middle of the afternoon in a place they always felt safe.

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