Mother: Bullies choke, spit at son

Anna Villareal-Romo says she will protest at her son's school Friday

SPRING, Texas - A mother says she is taking a stand against the bullying her son has suffered through for two years.

Anna Villareal-Romo told Local 2 her son, 10-year-old Christopher Romo, often comes home from Smith Elementary in Spring Independent School District crying and marked with bruises and cuts. One time, the mother said, Christopher had been choked and spat at.

"I feel like I'm just sending him off to a war as a child because he's in a battlefield there and there's no supervision," said Villareal-Romo.

The mother said she will protest before and after school on Friday because the school won't stop her son's bullies, despite repeated complaints about the abusive behavior.

According to Villareal-Romo, the bullying started two years ago. She said the principal and district have failed to prevent the vulgar name-calling that is often a precursor to violence at Smith.

"[Christopher] told me yesterday that he doesn't want to go to school anymore because the principal doesn't believe him and they allow it to happen," she said.

Villareal-Romo said her son already has to cope with medical conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder, and that the district could do more to help with Christopher's school environment. 

The district spokesperson told Local 2 that privacy rules prevent her from publicly addressing specifics about the bullying accusations. But she said the process to address the mother's concerns started Thursday on the campus level and will progress to the administrative level if necessary.

"I don't want a quick fix," said Villareal-Romo. "I want an answer."

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