Mother: Baby left alone, locked in day care

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - Sharonda Ross dropped her little boy, Jordan, at Joann's Day Care in northeast Houston Monday morning. When she went to pick the baby up, the doors were locked with her baby crying inside.

"No parent should have to go through this, and yes, things happen but it's still not acceptable," said Ross.

The owner of the day care sent out a letter to parents that read, in part:

"You will probably see our story on the news and we are not running from this."

But when KPRC 2 tried asking Joann about what happened, she asked us to leave the office.

The letter sent out explained how the infant was left behind.

"The baby was given a bath, because he was uncomfortable due to a diaper rash. The teacher fed him, bathed him, changed him and placed him in his crib to rest while she finished cleaning the room."

During the rescue Monday, Ross recorded the baby's father climbing through a window to get him.

The child's family is thankful he was not hurt and wants answers about how this happened.

"It's a sense of relief knowing that you can hear your child, you have a sense of where he's at, but it's just overwhelming, the initial not knowing," Ross said.

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