More than dozen homes in League City neighborhood without mailboxes

Neighbors request mailboxes several times with no success

LEAGUE CITY, Texas - People living in one League City neighborhood are fed up with having to drive several miles every day just to get their mail.

Neighbors in the Hidden Lakes subdivision said they moved in five months ago and have requested mailboxes from the post office several times with no success.

As of Friday, more than a dozen homes were without a mailbox.

"I think everybody in the neighborhood is pretty frustrated," said Kimon Psarovarkas, who has been without a mailbox since February. "No one has a straight answer. You go to the source, they don't know. You go to the other source, they don't know. So who do you go to now? So that's why we contacted you guys."

Local 2 contacted the Postal Service and officials there apologized. They said miscommunication between the postmaster and the real estate developer caused the neighborhood request to fall through the cracks.

Officials with the U.S. Postal Service said once they were made aware of the problem they planned to put the mailboxes in Friday, but had to postpone the installation because of the inclement weather. They assured Local 2 the mailboxes will be installed this weekend.

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