More than 65 dogs removed from home in Tomball area

Collies rescued after owner forced by court order to give them up

By Syan Rhodes - Anchor/Reporter

TOMBALL, Texas - Volunteers rescued more than 65 collies from a northwest Harris County home after the owner was forced by a court order to give them up.

A federal judge issued the ruling Friday morning, ordering Dr. Elaine Kmiec to surrender the animals to Houston Collie Rescue.

This was the end result of a bankruptcy case. Lawyers for a woman who sued Kmiec said she filed for bankruptcy to avoid a judgement against her.

The lawsuit claimed Kmiec lied when she stated she was a breeder and took in the woman's three collies.

"We have orders from the judge and we're going to do what he said, get these dogs safely out of here," said attorney Famose Garner.

A caravan of vehicles showed up Friday afternoon to take away the sick and scared animals, including several pregnant dogs and puppies.

"We were told there were 35 dogs we think there about 60 back there," attorney Zandra Anderson said.

Neighbors said the sounds and smells of the animals had gone beyond being a nuisance.

"Whenever the wind blows you can smell feces. It sounds like chaos. It sounds like the playground of an insane child," Cody Harris said.

The sickest dogs and two who are pregnant will be taken to a veterinarian right away. The others will be kept at an undisclosed location so they can begin the healing process and eventually be adopted.

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