More police patrolling neighborhoods seeing spikes in crime

Houston police chief says burglaries up in his neighborhood by about 40 percent

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland said his department added patrols to neighborhoods that have seen a spike in crime. That included his own neighborhood in southeast Houston.

Chief McClelland said burglaries are up in his neighborhood by about 40 percent.

"We have overtime programs in the beat that I live in but it's not for my home," said Chief McClelland.

Chief McClelland told Local 2 his neighborhood isn't any different than anyone else's.

"If we have a crime problem, regardless of where that is, we're going to put some resources out there to address it," said Chief McClelland. "But it's not because the chief of police lives in a certain neighborhood."

The Houston police chief said his department recently increased patrols in Inwood in northwest Houston, Montrose, on the west side and in southeast Houston.

The department said the additional resources go to the areas where patrol commanders identify spikes in crime.

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