Montgomery County residents brace, prepare for overnight freezing temperatures

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter

CONROE, Texas - No one knows exactly what to expect from the frigid Houston weather, but Sunday night in The Woodlands, residents shopped at the Home Depot for products to protect three things: animals, plants and their homes.

“Look, we’re buying a space heater for our screened-in porch, our dog is back there freezing right now,” said one shopper, Marsha Merrell.

“We’re bringing in all the pets and the animals. We’re bringing them inside the house.  Second, we’re putting the heater on 65. We like it cool, but not freezing and we’re covering up our pipes and our plants,” said another shopper, Amy Cassels.

Temperatures are expected to drop to their lowest since March 6, 2015, Sunday night.

Employees at the Home Depot in The Woodlands were busy covering up its entire stock of plants to keep them from dying.

Home Depot’s manager, Austin Wells, said the store's biggest sellers this past weekend have been weather-related.

“Everything, for cold weather preparations, the pipe insulation, the space heaters, the blankets, faucet covers,” Wells said.

In preparation for the cold night, homeowners who live in places like Conroe, Montgomery and further north, said it’s time to wrap up and cuddle.