Moms angry after consignment shop closes doors

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A longtime kids consignment shop has closed its doors in west Houston and dozens of mothers are upset.

They are not angry about the closure, but instead they say the owner of Clothes For Kids Resale on Memorial Drive near Dairy Ashford walked away with their money and clothes they had contracted to sell.

Courtney Whyte plans to join several other women who already have filed reports against owner Roxie Weideman. Others left angry notes on the front door after they say the store was suddenly cleaned out and closed overnight last week.

"These are people's clothes in here that she was going to sell and didn't," said Whyte. "And she didn't pay anybody their money."

Local 2 went by Weideman's home and a man who identified himself as her husband says he doesn't know why the store closed, but customers could contact Roxie Weideman about the money and clothes they say belong to them.

"It's just annoying that someone is going to get away with stealing like this," said Whyte. "Somebody that we trusted in the community."

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