Mom says son left with broken collar bone after being attacked by bullies

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

KATY, Texas - An 11-year-old Katy boy says he was trying to make it home before a group of bullies tracked him down.

The sixth grader, Ashton Hartz, now has a broken collar bone and sprained wrist. His mother has a lot of questions for Katy ISD

"For three years we've been dealing with bullying and there's been nothing done," said Stephanie Hartz Lanham.

Lanham said a few weeks ago Ashton was walking through a gully in Katy near Misty Cove and Greenhouse Road. She said he was on his way home from Cardiff Junior High, trying to avoid a couple of classmates who had threatened him at school. They caught up to Ashton and he said that's when one of the boys attacked him.

"He pushed me down," said Ashton. "The first time on the cement and the second time down the hill."

The family has the X-rays from the hospital and paperwork from the sheriff's office that state Ashton was assaulted, but the school district says its hands are tied.

Even though Ashton was beaten up by a schoolmate it happened off campus and the district says it's out of their jurisdiction.

Ashton's mother said since they live less than two miles from the school and he is not allowed to ride the bus, the district should take other protective measures.

"I want them to put something in place to make kids and parents feel safe that their children are going to get to school and home safely," said Lanham.

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