Mom outraged paramedics weren't called after son suffers medical episode at school

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

BAYTOWN, Texas - A Baytown mother says she's still looking for answers after her 14-year-old son suffered a serious medical episode at school last week.

Eighth-grader Anthony Garza, who attends Horace Mann Junior High, started having chest pains, shortness of breath, and a headache in gym class last Tuesday.

"I started feeling a sharp pain right here," said Anthony, rubbing the right side of his chest. "Then I got dizzy, so I went to go sit down. But at the time my legs were getting weak."

His mother was called and said when she arrived at the school the nurse wheeled him out in a wheelchair because he was unable to walk. Garza then tried to drive her son to the hospital but pulled over and called 911 when he had the first of three seizures that day.

She believes the school should've called 911 before calling her to avoid a potentially life threatening situation.

"He's having a seizure in the car, he's going crazy," said Garza. "And I'm like trying to pay attention to him, and that was the worst."

Goose Creek Independent School District says it can't answer any questions about the incident, citing student privacy.

However, a spokesperson told Local 2 that "the director of student services met with the parent and is addressing any concern. Following protocol, school nurses exercise their professional judgment in making decisions regarding when it is necessary to call 911."

The family still doesn't know what happened to Anthony that day.They said he's scheduled to have an EKG and to see a neurologist in the coming days to try to determine what caused his episode.

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