Mom of girl found in fridge has criminal record, lost custody of child

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - We're learning more about the mother accused of keeping her disabled daughter's body inside a refrigerator for months.

The memorial outside of Ayahna Comb's apartment is growing by the day. While family, friends and neighbors mourn her death, we're getting a look at Amber Keyes for the first time since her daughter's death and find out more about her background.

According to court documents, Keyes has done time behind bars. In 1998 police arrested her for possession of a controlled substance. She spent more than a year in prison. 

In 2000 police picked her for criminal trespass; she did 30 days in jail. 

CPS investigators say the mother of three does have a history of substance abuse and a history with their agency.

Keyes lost custody of her eldest daughter, who was eventually put up for adoption in 2004. Her youngest daughter, who's only 5 years old, is now in foster care.

Sadly, we know her middle child, 9-year-old Ayahna, died back in January. On Monday, the little girl's body was discovered stuffed inside the family's refrigerator. Police say her decomposing body had been there for nearly five months.

Keyes reportedly told investigators her daughter stopped breathing and she panicked. She wrapped her in a blanket and placed her inside a drawer in the fridge.

We're still waiting on autopsy results to determine how the little girl died.

Court documents state Keyes admitted that she continued to collect Social Security Disability Income and Food Stamps for Ayahna following her death. She even renewed the benefits last month and got an increase.

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