Mom: Man tried to abduct daughter on way home from school

Man pulled girl's backpack, causing her to fall on concrete, says girl

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A mother said a man tried to abduct her 7-year-old daughter as she walked home from Elrod Elementary School in southwest Houston on Wednesday.

Kyra Washington, 7, said a big tree stump had blocked her way.  She said she tried to climb over it instead of walking around it and through the mud near Bob White and Dumfries.

Washington said that was when a man came up behind her.

"He pulled my backpack and he made me fall on the concrete," said Washington. 

"They grabbed her backpack and she fell," said LaTonya Morgan, Washington's mother. "My son said there was another man walking a dog and when he heard her scream, he turned around and asked what happened.  The guy who grabbed her backpack took off running."

Morgan said Washington's older sister ran to tell her.  Washington's 9-year-old brother stayed with her to make sure she was OK. Her backpack and jacket were muddy.

Morgan said she reported the incident to the Houston Police Department.

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