Mom: Children recruited to make sales

Mother says son came home with packet of Mary Kay material, promises of free water park passes

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

ROSENBERG, Texas - A concerned mother raised some questions after her young son came home with a packet full of Mary Kay material and promises of free water park passes.

The catch? He would need to sell sunscreen to local residents and business owners.

A $20 donation would send a sunscreen care package to a soldier overseas.

"The goal was for everyone to get 102 bottles of sunscreen sold," said the concerned mother who asked to remain anonymous. "That would get you the platinum pass to Schlitterbahn."

The more sunscreen sold, the better the prize, but this mother said she and her husband were suspicious.

"There were probably 20 kids ranging in age from 3 to 17 years old there," she said. "She told the children she would come and pick them up on Saturday and take them out to these local businesses."

The mother said she was upset that the Mary Kay Sales Director, JaLene Thatcher Kambhu, was approaching the kids and not the parents and that she was asking children to go out and sell Mary Kay.

"I believe the children were being exploited for her gain," she said. "Because she is a Mary Kay Sales Director."

Local 2 reached out to Thatcher Kambhu who said the whole thing was a misunderstanding and that she never meant to upset anyone.

"The Mary Kay product is the sun block that would be provided to the soldiers, this is not about the Mary Kay business. This is about community service and giving back to this community," Kambhu said.

Mary Kay Inc. told Local 2, "We became aware of this incident in Rosenberg yesterday afternoon and began investigating. This situation is very concerning, and inconsistent with the guidelines of having a Mary Kay business. If this proves true, we will absolutely take immediate and corrective action. Mary Kay has a long legacy of producing top selling products, providing a great business opportunity and giving back to the community."

There are no criminal accusations made against Kambhu, the investigation by Mary Kay is only looking at her business practices.

"I am not benefiting financially at all from this," Kambhu said. "This is about giving back to the kids and teaching them to give back to those who protect us."

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