Missing Magnolia teen returns home after allegedly being kidnapped

By Samantha Ptashkin - Reporter

MAGNOLIA, Texas - A missing teenage girl returned home to Magnolia Thursday afternoon, after a former family friend allegedly kidnapped her.

The 14-year-old flew in to Hobby Airport from Harlingen, Texas, where she was found Wednesday morning. 

"It was emotional, I'm just glad she's here," family member Rochelle Laridon said.

The teen, who suffers from several mental disorders, vanished earlier this week, when she went outside the family home to play, then never returned.

Detectives say 51-year-old Randy Johnson is the man who kidnapped her. 

"She told me that he told her he was going to kill everybody in her family including me, so there was nothing she could do," Laridon said.

Johnson has a criminal record that involves cases of DWI, drugs and aggravated assault, all of which date back to the 1980s, outside of Texas. 

He lived with the family in Magnolia for eight months, but the parents kicked him out after they noticed he was having an inappropriate relationship with the teen.

On Wednesday morning law enforcement officers found Johnson and the teen in a trailer home just outside Harlingen.

Chief Deputy Gus Reyna of the Cameron County Sheriff's Department said Johnson confessed to sexually assaulting the teen. 

"She's just lucky he didn't make her disappear somewhere, and I'm glad he didn't take her into Mexico," Reyna said.

Now the family is trying to pick up the pieces and help get the teen back to her normal happy-go-lucky self.

"It has taken a toll on her, she's very emotional right now," Laridon said.

She says they hope to get the teen some counseling to help her deal with everything that has happened.

Johnson will be extradited back to Montgomery County, where he faces kidnapping charges.

Local 2 has also learned Thursday's reunion didn't go exactly as planned for the family. It's not clear where the teen's father is and there is currently an investigation underway by CPS. The rest of the family is cooperating with CPS.

**Editor's note: Local 2 News has chosen to protect the identity of this person because there is an allegation of sexual assault.

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