Minute Maid Park's new security changes for Houston Astros games

By Samantha Ptashkin - Reporter

HOUSTON - Next week the Houston Astros return home to take on the Atlanta Braves and when fans head to the game, they'll encounter new security measures at the door.

Right now the park is installing walk through metal detectors at each entrance.

"We want to protect the wonderful game of baseball and we want to protect our fans," said Marcel Braithwaite, Astros Vice President & General Manager of Building Operations.

Fans will have to remove their cell phones from their pockets, place bags onto a screening table, then walk through the metal detector with cell phones in their hands. Braithwaite says it's more efficient than the traditional handheld metal detectors they have been using.

"These are not X-rays, they don't take a picture of your body," Braithwaite said. "All they do is identify that you have a metal object and then we'll ask you to take that object out."

The move is part of a security measure by Major League Baseball to ensure fan safety. MLB is requiring all parks across the country have either walk through or handheld metal detectors in place by Opening Day 2015.

Astros fans can still bring in food to the game, as well as all other items they have traditionally brought in. The list of permitted and prohibited items for Astros games at Minute Maid Park that has been in place this season will not be changed by the new security screening guidelines.

A full list of those items can be found at this link.

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