Mini loaves of Mrs. Bairds bread, Alpine Sleigh Ride: Your memories of AstroWorld

By Megan Kennedy - Digital News Editor
Maria Martinez Bettientes/Aleks Mrt Garc

KPRC reached out to our viewers asking for your favorite memories of AstroWorld. Facebook users Maria Martinez Bettientes and Aleks Mrt Garcia left us these photos.

HOUSTON - Saturday marked 51 years since the grand opening of AstroWorld in Houston. 

KPRC reached out to our Facebook followers, asking for your favorite memories and these are the fabulous responses that hit us right in the feels.

The most popular memory among the responses were the mini loaves from Mrs. Bairds: "Great Fun & Lots of Memories. And, Mrs Baird's little loaves of bread. Never understood why they closed it anyway," said user Caroline Baker Ivey said.

Of course, the park's main attractions were the rides. Among the most popular were the Alpine Sleigh Ride, Greased Lightning and Cyclone. 

"Me and my dad were literally the only and last people to ride the rattler (biggest and fastest wood rollercoaster built) before they tore it down the next day, looking out over the theme park still as if I were there now ???? one of the best experiences," said Facebook user Frank Dean Hernandez.

"Really miss astroworld. What sticks in my head is the Texas Cyclone. My wife and I rode in the rain one day. I wound up with broken ribs from being slammed into the side of the car. Lots of fun but very painful," said user Rusty Rutledge.

One user even said she had her first kiss on the Alpine Sleigh Ride!

"I sure miss Astroworld! Loved going to Waterworld and then taking a break to go ride rides. But my favorite moments were standing on the bridge over, I believe it was Tidal Wave, and getting soaked!!" said user Sue Winchell Paisley.

We can't forget the concerts, either! Many of you saw KC and the Sunshine Band at AstroWorld!.

"I saw KC & the Sunshine Band with my best friend Lisa L. Brennan ! We were right up front. Best night!" said user Lyn Brawner.

Did we miss any? Leave your comments below!



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