Michael Brown claims jail food made him ill

Ex-hand surgeon jailed for contempt of court tested for E. Coli

HOUSTON - Former hand surgeon Michael Brown wants a judge to let him out of jail after, he claimed, the food made him ill

Brown was recently arrested on charges of violating his child support. He bonded out, but on March 7 he was found to be in contempt of court for violating terms of a divorce agreement and was sentenced to 180 days in jail.

Court officials said Brown was taken to Ben Taub Hospital last week and was tested for E. Coli. He was taken back to jail and on Monday was ordered to stay there until at least April 4.

"He didn't like jail," said Marshall Davis Brown Jr., who represents Brown's fourth ex-wife, Rachel. "That two weeks was enough for him to reflect and decide he's been a bad boy and he's going to be good."

In addition to the child support violations, Rachel Brown's attorneys said Michael Brown has not paid for their services.

"There was an order that he was to deposit, dollar for dollar, equal amount for all the lawyers," said Marshall Davis Brown Jr. "At one point in time, he had 11 lawyers in there that he was paying. There were no matching funds paid."

Michael Brown has also been accused of not paying for Rachel Brown's security service.

"He's not done one thing to comply with the orders," Marshall Davis Brown Jr. said.

A second motion for contempt has been filed against Michael Brown. A hearing on that motion is set to be heard on April 4.

Brown has had a slew of legal problems in recent years. Earlier this year, authorities said Brown was arrested after an incident on an overseas flight.

Last year, a New York woman sued Brown, accusing the former physician of giving her herpes.

In 2011, Brown was acquitted of beating his ex-wife.

In 2006, Brown lost his medical license after testing positive for cocaine.

Brown is the founder and owner of Brown Hand Center, among other businesses.

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