Meyerland family robbed at gunpoint in their front yard

Robber demanded wallets, keys and cell phones

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - A Houston woman and her family were cleaning out their rental car after a Thanksgiving weekend road trip, when they noticed a suspicious vehicle drive by.

Their rental car was parked in front of their Meyerland home in the 5100 block of Grape Street.

"This car went by and then turned around and came back by and slammed on its brakes," Rebecka Zepeda told Local 2. "I thought, this is not good.  Please let this be someone asking for directions."

It was not. Instead, an armed gunman jumped out and demanded wallets, cell phones and car keys. He was in an older model silver Honda Accord with paper tags.  

"A young Hispanic male jumped out, put on a black hoodie over his head and held a 9mm gun and said, 'This is a robbery, give me everything you have.  I want money, cell phones, I want everything,'" said Zepeda.

Zepeda said their wallets and cell phones were inside the house, she offered him the only valuable thing she did have, which was a GPS.  The robber grabbed it, took their car keys and sped off.

"He told us to get back in the car and put our heads down," Zepeda said. "So we did." 

A few minutes later they went into the house and dialed 911. 

Zepeda's daughters, ages 9 and 19, were with her when the robbery occurred. 

"We just did what he asked us to do," she said. "My daughters were there and we didn't want anything to happen."

Some other robberies have also occurred in the same neighborhood and Zepeda wonders if it's the same suspect.

"One lady was bringing in her groceries and another was sitting outside," she said.

Police are investigating and say the crimes are similar, but may not be connected.

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