Meyerland-area residents on alert after several burglaries in 5 days

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - Neighbors in the Meyerland area of Houston are on alert after several home break-ins in five days.

Homes in the 5000 block of Braeswood, 5100 block of Braesvalley and 10000 block of Balmforth were burglarized.

One had a door kicked in, two others had windows smashed.  It's unclear if the crimes are connected.

One homeowner in the 5100 block of Jackwood believes his home would have been burglarized had he not scared the thief off.

The suspect stood on his porch Friday afternoon and repeatedly rang the doorbell, when the homeowner didn't answer, the would-be thief started to snoop around his property. 

"I just watched him through the blinds," said the homeowner who asked not to be identified. "I slammed the window and said, 'What do you want?' I startled him and he ran off."

The suspect he saw is described as a black male, around 30 years old, wearing a black baseball cap, plaid shirt, low-rise jeans with cartoon boxer shorts showing.

People who live in the area reported seeing a suspicious light blue sedan driving around.

The Meyerland Homeowners Association is telling residents to call the Precinct 5 constables at 281-463-6666 if they see someone or something suspicious. 

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