Men robbed waiting in line for iPhones

By Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - It was a scary situation for men sleeping outside of a west Houston cell phone store waiting for the new iPhones.

For a couple friends, being the first in line at the AT&T store on Westheimer Road at Chimney Rock, came with a hefty price tag.

The victims said they were awoken early Friday morning by several armed men standing over them.

One victim did not want to show his face because the suspects also stole his ID.

He said one suspect pointed the gun in his face and uttered illicit demands and grabbed his wallet.

The victim did not fight back because he knows how a robbery can turn violent.

"The chances of finding anybody is low," the victim said. "I work in a gas station. You know, it is not my first time this happened."

The victims eventually got their new phones. One said AT&T gave him a credit.

"It wasn't worth it but you don't expect this," one victim said. "We are like every other guy. We stand in line to get a product."

The victims told Local 2 they wish there was better lighting and security.

A store employee said they usually have security during new product launches, but this time they did not.

The victims said when they called to cancel their stolen credit cards the suspect has already tried to use them.

The getaway vehicle was described as a dark Honda Accord with paper tags.

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