Men approach women, aggressively try to sell merchandise

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office receives reports of women targeted on the road

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

THE WOODLANDS, Texas - The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office tells Local 2 it has received several reports of young, clean-cut men approaching women in parking lots, aggressively trying to sell them merchandise.

"I don't scare very easily but I'll be honest with you, I panicked," Julie said.

Some women in the Montgomery County area are using social media to warn others.

On her Facebook page, Danielle from the Woodlands wrote, "They asked if I wanted a free new TV and surround sound. I called the police and they have been looking for these guys. They have you pull over in a parking lot and assault and rob you, and steal your car."

Julie said something similar happened to her. She was filling up her car with gas near her home in Magnolia when she claims two clean-cut men in sunglasses pulled
up alongside her in a Ford truck and asked her if she wanted to buy some cheap audio equipment.

"They said they over ordered. They said they had a whole heap of stuff they can sell me if I follow them wherever they are going." Julie said.

When Julie told them she wasn't interested, she claims they were extremely persistent.

"I swore at them. Told them to bugger off. That's when they took an interest in my car. 'Hey ma'am sweet car, nice car,'" Julie said.

The whole experience left Julie on edge but it wasn't over yet. When she pulled into her gym parking lot, there was another strange encounter. This time it was with two different clean cut men in their 20s, both in trucks.

"I'd like them to be found. I'd like something to happen before it escalates," Julie said.

Julie said the two trucks blocked her in so she couldn't leave. She locked herself in her car but after 10 minutes, the trucks drove off when they saw someone walk out of the gym.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office told Local 2 generally if deputies are called to the scene, they make the men leave but so far no arrests have been made.

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