Meet J.J. Watt's friend Trey

Video of two playing football went viral

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

KATY, Texas - J.J. Watt's friend Trey Brandt had no idea the star defensive end for the Texans was going to post a video on Facebook and Instagram of the two of them playing football.

The video has gotten thousands of likes, shares and comments from people all over the country.

Watt made the video to show Brandt's buddies that they were friends because they had their doubts.

"No one believed me," said Brandt. "People were saying JJ Watt's a fake and all that stuff."

There is nothing fake about the friendship that developed a little more than two years ago. Brandt waited in line after a game to get an autograph, Watt struck up a conversation with him and they've been in touch ever since.

Watt made the now-famous video earlier in the week after inviting Brandt and his mom to Reliant stadium for a tour.

"J.J. Watt is a really nice person," Brandt told Local 2 in an exclusive interview.

Trey is an 11th-grader at Katy High School, he's a trainer on the football team and a huge football fan. He would like to attend the University of Texas next year after he graduates and be a trainer for their football team, too.

"If someone gets hurt on Katy's team I take care of them," Brandt said.

Last year when the entire Katy Tigers team was on a bus making their way to Dallas for the state championship game, Trey got a phone call.

"When I answered it I said, 'Who is this?' 'It's J.J. Watt,' he said! He said he was calling to say good luck on the state game."

"It just warms our heart to know there are people out there who really care," Paul Brandt, Trey's father said. "He is a really good guy."

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