Medications that don't mix with heat

HOUSTON - Houston has already experienced some of the hottest weather so far this year. KPRC Local 2's Summer of Safety campaign continues with healthy ways for you and your family to beat the heat.

First, some common medications do not mix with the heat.

Anyone with a lung or heart condition should talk to their doctor before drinking extra water.

According to the American Heart Association, heart drugs like beta-blockers and diuretics can exaggerate the body's response to heat. Migraine medications like Topamax and ulcer medications can do the same.

"Some in particular may include psych medications. Remember that certain antibiotics interact with sunlight," said Dr. Jennifer Caudle.

What you eat can also make a difference. You should snack on watery fruits like watermelon, oranges and grapes. Eat smaller meals, and avoid protein to decrease the heat your body creates to break down food.

Also, try eating spicy food. It may seem counterintuitive, but it stimulates heat receptors in the mouth which enhances circulation causing you to sweat to cool the body down.

As for staying cool, if sitting in the air conditioning is not an option, Caudle says there are simple ways to keep cool.

First, toss your shoes and wear sandals instead.

"25 percent of our sweat glands are actually at our feet so that makes the feet really, really important during times like this," said Caudle.

Throw some damp towels into an ice-filled cooler. Doctors say you can get an instant cool-down by putting the frozen towels over your bare feet.

Drinking water is a must.

"As we stay hydrated, we want to avoid lot of sugary things so lots of sugary drinks lots of fruit juices, they can actually make hydration worse," said Caudle.

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