Mayor Parker speaks to Local 2 about her private California wedding

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - In an interview with KPRC Local 2, Mayor Annise Parker said the marriage last Thursday was a private event for close friends and family.

"I cried. She didn't," said Parker on Tuesday as she talked about her marriage to longtime partner Kathy Hubbard.

She said, "The girls watched from home on an iPhone. We didn't take our children because we wanted it to be about us as a couple, not as parents."

Less than 20 friends and family made the trip to Palm Springs, California.  The two had been together 23 years on their wedding date. 

"We just decided we didn't want to wait another year," said Parker.

Parker showed her wedding ring, which she said is identical to the first lady's, but with a different stone. Parker said they considered getting married near Hubbard's parents in New York State. 

She said, "There's a reason you don't go to Buffalo in January, with respect to those who live in Buffalo! It's just too cold, so we went to California instead."

The marriage has gotten attention from around the world. Parker says most attention has been positive.  But some, including the chair of the Harris County Republican Party, said Parker is pushing a political agenda with her marriage.

To critics, Parker replied, "Every political campaign I've been upfront and honest and open with the voters. I've been mayor of Houston for four years. And I stated up front that the city of Houston would be my priority. Clearly I have demonstrated that."

Parker said they spent two months planning their four-day wedding and honeymoon.  She said it was scheduled between Houston City Council meetings.

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