May Squirrel Watch 2013

Headline Goes Here O.J. Miller, Seabrook

Photo by: Sharon Taylor, Friendswood

Photo by: Glen Ehlers

Rascal is in a stand off with this squirrel or they could simply be trying to be friends. 

Photo by: Marilyn Klesel

These are pics of one of our squirrels we've named "Flipside" – he always collects the raw peanuts we set out, climbs up on a limb and hangs by his back legs while eating.  Pictures do not do him justice – when there's a breeze, he sways back and forth.  He's an odd little creature.  We have approximately 8-10 squirrels we feed, all called Rocky – Flipside is so special that he deserves his own name.

Photo by: Cheryl Wasicek

Great Dane Gracie playing hide and seek with this squirrel.

Photo by: Paul Blanchette, Webster

Have you gotten caught outside in the thunderstorms and had to hide out from the rain?  Here is a creative way to stay dry...  if you're a squirrel.