Massive marijuana grow operation found in Polk County

By Syan Rhodes - Anchor/Reporter

GOODRICH, Texas - A massive marijuana growing operation has been discovered in Polk County.

Crews from dozens of law enforcement agencies spent Monday recovering the plants which were spread out more than 2 acres.

A deer hunter first found the grow operation. Investigators say it's an elaborate setup that is likely run by a Mexican drug cartel.

The site is well-hidden and deep in the woods off Old Highway 35. Crews have uprooted 45,000 plants today but that there are about 40,000 more plants still there.

The growers used a creek for a water source and built an underground bunker to hide noisy generators.

"They had pumps from a creek directly to their watering system," Polk County deputy Byron Lyons said. "It was pretty elaborate."

Deputies say the growers likely thought they had found the perfect place - but it was only a matter of time before they were busted.

"Come to Polk County and do something like this, you're going to get caught," Sgt. Phillip Waller of the Polk County Sheriff's Office said.

Detectives said the street value of the plants could be up to $2 million because they are young plants still needing another month for harvest. One man was arrested and is being interviewed to see who else could be connected to this operation.

Eventually the plants will go up in smoke, but not in the way the growers planned. Once samples are taken for evidence, the Polk County Sheriff's office will destroy them in an undisclosed location.

Deputies are guarding the site tonight and they'll be back removing plants in the morning.

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